Maniguard Sanitizzante



Neutral un-perfumed detergent soap.
Antibacterial formula.
Guarantees respect for the skin.


Product Description

Often, a simple soap is not enough to ensure the highest possible protection against germs and bacteria. MANIGUARD SANIFOAM is a neutral, unperfumed detergent for the cleaning of hands: it contains a sanitizing agent capable of controlling the bacterial load and favoring an elevated level of hygiene.
The presence of moisturizers guarantees respects for the skin, even with frequent use. The sanitizing action of the active ingredient is constant at all temperatures of water used for washing.
Stability tests certify that, after 36 months, there were no significant variations recorded with regards to the standard physical and chemical properties.

Wet hands and dose 2-3 ml of MANIGUARD SANITIZZANTE. Rub for 1-2 minutes, to allow the product to complete its sanitizing action, then rinse. Dry preferably with hot air or a disposable paper towel.
MANIGUARD SANITIZZANTE is the ideal soap for the Zootechnic sector, in which a high level of cleanliness and hygiene for hands is required. For this reason, it is a suitable product for the standards established by HACCP protocol.

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