LM1 Spray



Easy to use.
Does not damage aluminum and light alloys.
Effective with all kinds of dirt.

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Product Description

The oily and carbonized dirt that accumulates on engines is difficult to remove with water-based traditional detergents.
LM1 is a solvent-based solution with a high degreasing power, ideal for the external cleaning of combustion engines. Rinsing with water is necessary. The practical spray means the product is always ready to use, without the need for brushes or spray systems.

Spray the product on the engine when cold, concentrating on particularly dirty areas; leave to act for a few minutes and then rinse with water. Rinsing with a high-pressure jet will lead to significantly improved results.
The product does not stain aluminum or aluminum alloys. Be careful of contact with paintwork and parts of the external bodywork. It is recommended to leave the engine running during rinsing.
Its impressive cleaning action also renders it ideal for the cleaning of mechanical parts in general.

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