Concentrated quaternary ammonium salt sanitizer.
Can be used on all surfaces and is compatible with all materials.
Economical to use.


Product Description

Deep cleaning is not always enough in order to guarantee a high level of hygiene. The use of a wide-ranging sanitiser notably reduces the possibility of contamination. JAMINAL is a concentrated odourless quaternary ammonium salt sanitiser specifically for the sanitising of hard surfaces in general. Thanks to its neutral pH it can be used on any surface. Ideal for eliminating residual bacterial load from tiled, steel, glass, aluminium and plastic surfaces. It can be used in kitchens, homes, swimming pools, gyms, toilets, restaurants and bars, food shops, beauty centres and in all situations requiring wide-ranging sanitisation.

Always wash and rinse surfaces before proceeding with sanitization. The recommended dilution of hard surfaces in general is between 1% – 2% (10 – 20 g of product per litre of water).
Spray or apply the JAMINAL solution to clean surfaces with a sponge, leave to work for 5 – 10 minutes, and then rinse.
The product can also be used in swimming pools for: preventative treatment against algae growth: 20 – 100 ppm (20 – 100 g) for every 1000 m³; sanitisation of footbaths: 50 – 100 ml for every10 litres of water.

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