Grill Cleaner HT



Degreases and easily removes charred dirt on grills.
Acts at high temperatures guaranteeing the best result.
It makes easier and quicker daily cleaning operations.


Product Description

Many businesses of the food industry such as restaurants, bars, canteens, fast-foods, etc, often need quick and optimal solutions for daily cleaning of professional grills designated to the cooking and the preparation of various dishes. For that kind of business, it is important to accurately clean this equipment, so they can be reused for several times per day, can be maintained hygienic over time and ready to use. GRILL CLEANER HT is ready to use degreasing detergent able to meet these necessities. Its formulation, specific for the cleaning of grills such as Clamshell, flat and sandwiches grills, works at high temperatures, guaranteeing every time the best results. Do not release bad smells during the use. GRILL CLEANER HT easily removes also the most stubborn, charm and strongly adherent dirt, without ruining surfaces. In contrast with other products, the low dangerousness of this product avoids the risks for workers. It does not contain corrosive substances. It avoids cross foods contamination.

Ready to use. Spray on hot grills (about 160°C), homogenously apply a slight layer through the specific tool. Remove the residues with a scraper or abrasive sponge. Complete using a damp cloth.
In contrast with other products, GRILL CLEANER should be used directly on hot grills in order to obtain the best result. This allows workers to optimize the working times without waiting for the grill cooling before cleaning operations. Nontoxic product (toxicity data formulation by ingestion exceeding 10.000mg x Kg).

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