Gemini Room



A ready-to-use sanitizer with active chlorine.
Particularly suitable for ward furniture.
Easy to use and rinse


Product Description

The bulk of bacterial transmission takes place in ward rooms, waiting rooms and consulting rooms.Guaranteeing hygiene in areas visited by a large number of people is important.
GEMINI ROOM is a product which has been specially formulated for the cleaning and sanitising of hard surfaces in general.Used daily, it restores the shine to all accessories in steel, synthetic materials, windows and doors, etc.The disinfecting action is provided by the active chlorine content which eliminates bacteria, fungi and yeasts.It combats and avoids the formation of unpleasant odours. Ideal for the deep cleaning and hygiene of tiled and metal surfaces in hotels, hostels, nursing homes, sports centres, etc.

Spray directly on the surfaces to be cleaned. Spread and leave to work for approximately 1 minute. Wipe with a sponge and rinse.
GEMINI ROOM is a specially formulated product for the cleaning of public areas subject to heavy traffic.

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