Gemini Cleaner



Medical Surgical Device n. 19113 active chlorine foaming (P.M.C.)
Suitable for floors, sinks, dressing rooms, bathrooms, and showers
Compatible with chrome steel, plastic, ceramic.


Product Description

The main source of bacteria transmission takes place in bathrooms, locker rooms and clinics. It is fundamental ensuring the hygiene in environments frequented by many people.
GEMINI CLEANER is specifically formulated for the cleaning and disinfection of sinks, bathroom fixtures, tiled floors and linoleum, general hard surfaces. If used daily, it gives shiny appearance to steel, ceramic and porcelain accessories. The disinfectant action is done by the active chlorine that removes bacteria, fungi and yeasts. The product breaks down and avoids unpleasant odors formation. Do not required rinsing if diluted. Suitable for gyms, hotels, schools, kindergartens, offices, swimming pools, spa, etc.

Surfaces disinfection: Use the product at a concentration of 5% (active chlorine available = 1750 ppm) and leave on for 15 minutes before rinsing.
Dusting operations: Use the product at a concentration of 0.5% -1% (active chlorine available = 175-350 ppm). Do not rinse.
Suitable also for bleaching and cold disinfection of fabrics at a concentration of 1%. Leave it immerse for 45 minutes and rinse. Do not use for delicate, colored or silk clothes. Irreplaceable in all frequented environment subject to crosscontamination

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