G1 Grasso spray



Lithium grease.
Resistant to high temperatures.

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Product Description

Lubricating and greasing joints, levers, bearings, chains, suspension systems, hinges etc. requires the high level of ease and efficiency of a spray product.
G1 is a multi-purpose lithium grease lubricant formulated with a highquality synthetic base, which provides excellent thermal and mechanical stability.Its fundamental properties are: resistance to heat with a drip point of 190° C, mechanical stability even in the presence of vibrations, resistance to water, anti-corrosive properties. It allows for the lubrication of mechanical parts which are practically impossible to reach with traditional methods (brush etc.). The strong adhesion of the grease to surfaces also allows use on vertical surfaces without dripping.

Shake the can well before and during use. Spray on the parts to lubricate in order to obtain an even layer.
It is advisable to wait for a few minutes after applying in order to allow perfect adhesion.

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