Fusion Green



Polish-effect super wax.
It is ideal for tunnel and portal carwash with water hardness greater than 30°F.
It reduces the formation of micro drops after the drying phase.

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Product Description

FUSION GREEN is a drying wax, polish effect and highly concentrated, that guarantees an optimal polish and excellent protection to vehicles. It is ideal for tunnel and portal carwash installations operating with water hardness greater than 30°F. It minimizes the formation of micro drop after air drying, enabling a perfect result and a shining, dried and protected bodywork. It enhances the brightness of varnish, protecting from atmospheric agents (i.e. UV rays) aggressions. It ensures optimal results even at low temperatures.

ELECTRONIC OR MECHANIC DOSING PUMP: use pure wax. Set the suction between 10ml and 20ml of wax per vehicle.
CAR WASH WITH VENTURI SUCTION SYSTEM: dilute Fusion Green at 4% with water (400ml of product for every 10ml of water). Set the suction dosing approximately 300/400ml of solution per each washing cycle.
The excellent stability at low temperatures close to 0°C, and the positive levels of compatibility with hard water allows for unbeatable performance in winter and with systems using hard water.
The optimal quantity depends on water hardness, the type of installation (rinse, spray method) and weather conditions (temperature, humidity). Test practically to set it. We inform that the efficiency of the wax could be influenced by both the kind of detergent used during the prewash, and the efficiency of the rinse.

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