Free Kalc



It removes limestone and tartar residues from hard surfaces.
It restores the natural brilliance to surfaces.
It releases a pleasant cleaning fragrance in the environment.


Product Description

The environment of hotel bathrooms, public structures and community in general, due to the constant contact with water, it is particularly subjected to scaling caused by the deposition of limestone.
FREE KALC is a perfumed descaling detergent based on organic acids ideal for the removal of limestone and tartar residues from bathroom fitting, toilets, showers and hard, painted, stoneware surfaces.
The citrus fragrance, with wood and flowers notes white musk fragrance of FREE KALC will allow a better use of the product keeping in the environment an exceptional sensation of clean and hygiene.
Ideal for hotels, restaurants, retirement homes, offices, sports facilities, community in general and industries.

Descaling hard surfaces in general: Dilute at 10%-20% into water. Apply the solution on the surface, let it act few instants and then rinse carefully. Treatment of chromed metals and bathroom fitting in general: Dilute at 3%-5%. Wipe homogenously the solution and after a few minutes rinse thoroughly. Tenacious encrustations: Apply the product and after a few minutes rinse carefully.
Note: In case of spray application, use only a foaming trigger, which can distribute the product in the form of foam.
FREE KALC can be used on chromed or steel surfaces, according to following the indicated way of dilutions. Avoid any contact with marble and every limestone surfaces.

Additional information