Enzyme concentrate with fluidifying action.
Harmless to humans and the environment.
Compatible with biological purifying plants


Product Description

ENZIMALL is a new concept formula, capable of fluidifying and breaking down all organic substances, and instantly eliminating unpleasant odors. It is made up of a special blend of natural vegetable extracts and sporogenous bacteria strains which produce natural enzymes that guarantee a wide range of actions, rapid intervention, safety and the highest levels of efficiency for a very wide range of systems. It is harmless both to humans and the environment. ENZIMALL is very effective both in aerobic and anaerobic environments, on surfaces, in wells and pipes. On distribution, it captures and neutralizes the molecules responsible for bad odors, leaving the air clean and odorless, while at the same time breaking down oil, animal and vegetable fats, and fluidifying the majority of flows. ENZIMALL is indicated for the treatment of refuse bins, sewers, drains, septic tanks, sewage pipes, vehicles, compactors, purifying plants, flooring, grating cleaners, refuse containers, refuse collectors and cesspools.

ENZIMALL is to be sprayed directly onto surfaces and distributed as evenly as possible, diluted in concentrations of between 3% and 30% in water according to the intensity of odors and residue present. The average dose is between 5% and 10%. Dose ENZIMALL below the siphons of pipes to be treated at a concentration of between 5 ml and 50 ml of product for every 10 meters of the pipeline or square meter of the volume of the final treatment tank, according to the obstruction to be removed.
The concentrate is a blend of “dormant” spores which is activated on dilution: do not use neat. Use regularly to guarantee the best results.

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