It dissolves encrustations and works against bad smells.
Harmless for humans and the environment.
Enzymatic concentrate with natural fragrance.


Product Description

ENZIMALL TANK is formulated for dissolving encrustations of organic matter deposited inside the wastewater tanks of washing machines, acting even on bad smells that derive from it. The bacterial strains and enzymes contained in ENZIMALL TANK guarantee a broad spectrum of action, rapidity of acclimatization, safety, compatibility, maximum effectiveness and speed action in a huge variety of systems. ENZIMALL TANK degrades all organic substances present, surfactant residues, oils, animal and vegetable fats. Once dosed in the tank, it fluidizes most of the stubborn encrustations and degrades the organic substances that cause bad smells. It can be used in both aerobic and anaerobic environments with excellent results. It counteracts the growth of all pathogenic bacteria. It is indicated for the treatment of dirt deposits on the bottom of the machine wastewater tanks: floor cleaners, scrubbers, carpet cleaner, stairs washers. It is a ready-to-use liquid and it is completed with nutrients for the immediate activation of microorganisms. The bacteria used comes from a careful selection of natural strains, genetically unmodified. The raw materials of which it is composed are completely zero-impact biodegradable. It is harmless to humans, animals, and the environment.

Dose ENZIMALL TANK directly into the tank to be treated and repeat the process with regularity. Fill the tank with warm water, up to a level of 7-10 cm. Dose at 5% of the volume of added water. The dosage can be increased according to the amount of the deposit that needs to be removed. Dose it preferably when the machine is not in use, to ensure to microorganisms as much time as possible to activate and work on the dirt, organic deposits, and incrustations. We do not recommend using bleach or other disinfectants after treatment to not invalidate the effectiveness of the product.
Store in original container, well-closed and out of the reach of children. Do not swallow. No smoking or not consume food or drinks during its use. Avoid contact with the eyes, otherwise, wash abundantly with water. As hygiene precaution, wash hands after the handling. Store away from frost and at temperatures below 40°C. Do not mix with any other product, in particular with disinfectants, biocides or insecticides.

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