Ecolabel Stovilmatic



High degreasing power.
Also effective with hard water.
Eco-compatible sequestrants (no EDTA, NTA).


Product Description

Very dirty plates with dried-on food are a problem when hundreds of them need to be washed quickly.
ECOLABEL STOVILMATIC is an ecological controlled-foaming liquid detergent with elevated degreasing power, which guarantees the complete cleaning of plates, cutlery, pots, and glasses. It easily eliminates dried residual food and all kinds of dirt, leaving dishware perfectly clean. Its elevated degreasing power ensures a perfect rinse without leaving residue or streaks.
A product formulated specifically without phosphates, EDTA or NTA in order to satisfy the strict criteria for the Ecolabel EU brand imposed by the European Union Commission with the aim of reducing the use of substances which are harmful to the environment and guaranteeing a high level of performance which is equivalent to the same class of non-ecological products.

After filling with water, add a dose of ECOLABEL STOVILMATIC to the dishwasher according to the following table: With soft water 0-15° f, use 1ml/L of product. With water of medium hardness 15°-25° f, use 2ml/L of product. With hard water > 25° f, use 3ml/L of product.
It is essential to install the appropriate automatic dosing unit which guarantees the correct amount.
If used following the correct procedures, ECOLABEL STOVILMATIC contributes to reducing water pollution and the production of waste. Dose according to the level of dirt and water hardness. Follow the directions.

Additional information