Ecolabel Detegrente Anticalcare



Quickly eliminates limescale deposits.
Restores natural shine to surfaces.
It leaves a pleasant clean fragrance in the air.


Product Description

Bathroom areas in hotels, public structures and communal areas in general, due to their constant contact with water, are particularly subject to incrustations caused by limescale deposits.
ECOLABEL DETERGENTE ANTICALCARE is an organic-acid based liquid detergent that is ideal for the removal of limescale, dirt and soap residues from hard and enameled surfaces, taps, toilets, showers, etc. It restores the shine to surfaces, leaving a fresh and clean fragrance. Ideal for hotels, restaurants, nursing homes, offices, sports centers, and communal and industrial structures in general.
A product formulated specifically in order to satisfy the strict criteria for the Ecolabel EU brand imposed by the European Union Commission with the aim of reducing the use of substances that are harmful to the environment and guaranteeing a high level of performance which is equivalent to the same class of non-ecological products.

For stubborn incrustations use the product neat. For every-day maintenance and for chrome and steel surfaces, dilute the product to 15%. Spread the product evenly and leave for a few seconds. Scrub with a delicate abrasive product if necessary. Wipe successively with a red micro inox cloth and rinse thoroughly.
Note: when applying with a spray, use only foaming nozzles that distribute the product in the form of a foam. In order to avoid human error, label the bottle with the appropriate color-coded label.
Avoid contact with marble and all surfaces in calcareous stone.

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