DS Fos Te



Compatible with chrome accessories.
Quickly eliminates limescale.
Restores shine to steel.


Product Description

The greatest danger in removing lime scale from taps and bathroom fixtures is the risk of damaging chrome or plastic elements.
DS FOS is a phosphoric acid descaling detergent indicated for the rapid and complete removal of deposits of scale, rust, saline and detergent soap residue, which is compatible with all metallic and nonmetallic materials. Ideal for the cleaning and descaling of toilets and taps in chrome, stainless steel, aluminium, ceramic, terracotta, plastic materials etc.

Use undiluted or diluted up to 20% in water according to the level of scale to be removed. Wipe the area with a cloth soaked in the solution. Rinse. For the removal of cement from large surfaces, we recommend wetting the area first with a 10% solution and then working with a single brush floor machine or industrial floor-cleaning machine. Rinse.
Also efficiently removes cement and mortar residue. A product which is also particularly effective on steel surfaces. As with all acid products, it attacks marble and limy surfaces, therefore avoid contact with these surfaces.

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