Acidic product for cleaning bathrooms.
Removes rust, stains, and encrustations.
Ideal for the first cleaning of newly installed flooring.


Product Description

Surfaces that are continuously in contact with water, such as toilets, bathroom fixtures and public areas, are prone to encrustations caused by limestone deposits.
DS is an acidic descaling detergent for sanitary use, ideal for the general cleaning of toilets, bathrooms, swimming pool areas and all types of tiled surfaces such as stoneware, ceramics and terracotta.
Removes rust, stains and encrustations from toilet bowls, leaving surfaces free of residue. Easily removes residues of mortar and concrete.
It can even be used safely on lacquered and painted surfaces when contact is not prolonged.

To clean toilet bowls and urinals: spray the detergent on full-strength or apply with a rag or brush, leave on for a few minutes, rinse. To clean – descale surfaces: dilute with approximately 2-3 parts water, wipe with a cloth or sponge, rinse thoroughly. For stubborn encrustations, use full-strength and repeat the operation.
Before using DS on chrome fixtures, make sure to verity the surface’s chemical compatibility with the product. Avoid contact with aluminum, marble and limestone surfaces.

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