Disintegrates all organic substances.
High density, gets right to the root of the problem.
Combats unpleasant odours.


Product Description

Residues of grease and soap, hair, toilet paper and organic waste are often the cause of blockages in sinks, showers and toilets.
DG7 is a viscous gel, highly alkaline and chloroactive, ideal for the preventative maintenance of drains and for the disintegration of organic blockages. It liquefies and eliminates deposits of grease, slime, organic mud, sewage and various kinds of refuse. Thanks to its elevated specific weight the gel sinks quickly and directly to the blockage, even in the presence of stagnant water. It acts directly on the cause of the obstruction, guaranteeing fast and safe results

As a drain unblocker (even in the presence of stagnant water): pour the undiluted product directly down the drain. Leave on for 5-10 minutes. Run plenty of water, preferably hot. In the case of stubborn blockages, repeat the operation. Recommended dosage Sinks and shower drains: 500 ml – Toilets: 500-800 ml – large drains: 1.0 – 2.0 L
To prevent blockages: a weekly dose of 250 ml into the drain to keep tubes clean and functioning and to combat unpleasant odours.
As it is a highly concentrated and powerful product it must be used carefully: do not add to or use with other products. On contact with acids it releases toxic chlorine gas. It quickly attacks aluminium and zinc.

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