A Medical Surgical disinfectant as per Regulation of the Ministry of Health n° 18495 f
Particularly suitable for the cleaning of food preparation areas.
Ideal on vertical walls thanks to its foaming effect.


Product Description

The use of foaming equipment and suitable concentrated disinfecting detergents facilitates the cleaning and the disinfecting of vertical surfaces. CLORO FOAM is a highly-foaming chlorine detergent disinfectant for the cleaning and disinfecting, in a single application, of hard surfaces in general. Its rich foam consents prolonged contact time with dirt and allow the chlorine to carry out its oxidizing and disinfecting function; as well as the active removal of particularly stubborn organic dirt. CLORO FOAM is suitable for use in the food industry. Recommended for HACCP protocol. Application is recommended with the use of special foaming equipment or manually with special brushes. SECTORS OF USAGE: Cleaning of floors and walls The exteriors of equipment and machinery Tables for food preparation Refrigeration cells.

Use solutions from 1 to 5% product according to the quantity and stubbornness of the scale to be removed. Recommended contact time: 5 minutes. The abundant and compact foam is obtained by using the product in special foaming equipment. For the regulating of the quantity of product and foam, follow the instructions relative to the equipment used.
A highly-concentrated product which must be suitably diluted (not more than 2%) if used on aluminium or aluminium alloy surfaces or in the presence of galvanised metals.

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