CIP Disincrostante



Ideal for the removal of non-organic residue such as limescale, calcium phosphate scale, etc.
A product specifically for metal surfaces in steel.
Also ideal for cleaning by hand.


Product Description

CIP DISINCROSTANTE is a non-foaming nitric acid-based liquid solution specially formulated for use, with CIP recycling methods, in the dissolving and removal of non-organic residues such as limescale, calcium phosphate scale, etc. using the recycle method. CIP DISINCROSTANTE is specifically for the descaling of equipment and utensils in the food industry and zootechnics. The product is also ideal for the manual descaling of utensils and containers.
SECTORS OF USAGE: CIP systems in general
Multi-purpose boilers
Pipes for the transfer of liquids
Tanks and silos for the storage of alimentary liquids
Bottling plant

Washing of CIP systems: Rinse with mains water Allow a 0.5% – 2.0% solution to circulate (with water at 40-60°C) After 10’ – 15’ drain and rinse with potable water.
Manual cleaning of tanks – accessories and instruments: Rinse with mains water Wipe with a sponge or brush using a 1.5% – 2% solution Rinse with drinking water.
Use exclusively on metal surfaces in steel. Carry out the acid treatment at least once every 10 days after having carried out an alkaline wash with ALLSAN DAY or DPM-L. If a mono-phase product (ALLMATIC or CM-CIP) is used, carry out acid descaling every 20 days*.
*For the aforementioned products, check the relative information sheets.

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