Significant savings in time.
Effective for the removal of metalized waxes.
No rinsing required.


Product Description

Saving time means saving money, something which cleaning service managers and all those working in the professional sector are very much aware of. ALLSTRIP has been created to respond to these requirements. Rapid no-rinse de-waxer for floors. Specifically formulated for the rapid and efficient removal of old layers of metallised waxes. ALLSTRIP actively de-waxes surfaces without the need for the usual rinsing. Compared to traditional de-waxers, it allows for considerable savings in time and energy. It can be applied both automatically with a single-disk floor machine, or manually, on stairs, steps and all hard surfaces in general.

WITH A SINGLE-DISK FLOOR MACHINE: Dilute the product to 10% with water, preferably hot. Spray the solution on a small area of the floor and spread evenly with the floor machine, moving quickly and in a straight line. Vacuum with a liquid vacuum and leave the surface to dry without rinsing. If necessary, slowly re-pass with the machine until the wax has been removed completely. MANUAL USE: Dilute the product to 20% with water, preferably hot. Apply the solution, spreading it freely and generously over the floor with a mop. Wait for between 5 and 10 minutes, making sure that the surfaces stay wet. If necessary, add more solution to the floor to keep it wet and pass with the mop to ease the removal of the wax. Finally, vacuum with a liquid vacuum and leave to dry. The floor is now ready for the next stage of waxing.
Used diluted at 30%, it is ideal for the removal of marks caused by heels or forklift trucks and cars for any surface.

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