Allegrini 5



It ensures brightness and protection to the varnish.
Rapidity in the use, no water needed.
It is suitable for every kind of varnish.

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Product Description

ALLEGRINI 5 is a protective polish formulated with innovative row materials, which restores brightness and protection of the varnish, removing little scratches. It is ideal for the treatment of varnished and gelcoat surfaces that presents opacity, superficial scratches, etc. Furthermore, in a few moments, ALLEGRINI 5 makes varnished and gelcoat surfaces bright and protect even against air pollutants. It is studied and developed for rapid and clean use. It is very easy to apply, and suitable for every kind of varnish or gelcoat. It does not contain silicon. It is not irritating, not noxious, and not inflammable.

To obtain the best results use the product in combination with the soft black pad at variable contact (polisher 700-1200 rpm), or with an antistatic sponge or a soft cloth for manual action. Shake the bottle very well before use. Put a small quantity of ALLEGRINI 5 on the surface to be treated or directly on the pad. The product is applied by hand or with polisher at medium/low speed. USE WITH MACHINE: spread it well and start with the polishing at low-speed (700/1200 revs), applying a medium/light pressure. HAND USE: apply the product with round movements, then after a few seconds remove the excess with a clean cloth.

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