Allegrini 20



It removes stripes and opacity from every type of gelcoat
It confers profundity and brilliance to surfaces
Immediately visible results

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Product Description

ALLEGRINI 20 is a high performance polishing abrasive paste for application on gelcoats or marine paints that exhibit defects of large, medium and small dimension. Its special formulation is studied for a rapid and cleaning use without the use of water. It rapidly and efficacy removes stripes made by sanding in coarse grained (P600-8001000) and persistent opacity, according to the hardness of the treated support. In this way, it confers profundity and brilliance to surfaces. Thanks to this specific formulation, it reduces the time of working, residual greasiness and paste squirts to the exterior. It allows to immediately see the removal of imperfections.
ALLEGRINI 20 application through a machine allows obtaining the best results. The product is perfect for yacht and boats gelcoat.

It is recommended to apply a small quantity of the product at a time through sleeve wool or pad, starting from a low speed of 800-1000 RPM to 1800 turns. If it is necessary, repeat the operation several times. Close after the use. Do not add water during the operation. It is recommended to use a perfect clean pad.

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