Allegrini 123



Rapid polishing and reduced consume.
High final brightness.
It removes the sanding-signs, polishing at the same time.

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Product Description

ALLEGRINI 123 is a one-step cut and polishing paste formulated with innovative raw materials, for every kind of varnish and gelcoat, for the definitive removal of varnishing defects of small and medium dimension (P1500-2000), such as sanding-signs, light scratches, varnish oxidation, etc.. In just one step it removes little imperfections, leaving a high final brightness. It is studied and developed for rapid and clean use. It is usable for the treatment of varnished surfaces with small and medium size defects. It re-gives brightness to opacified and oxidized varnishes, with simple operations. It works as a single cycle “One Step”. It is suitable for every kind of varnish and gelcoat. It does not contain silicons and ammonia. It is not irritating, not noxious, and not inflammable.

To obtain the best results, use the product in combination with the WHITE pad at variable contact, or with a wool pad for an abrasive action. Shake the bottle very well before use. Put a small quantity of ALLEGRINI 123 on the surface to be treated or directly on the pad. Spread it well and start with the polishing at medium-speed (1200/1800 revs), applying a medium pressure (operate on small areas at a time), then reduce the pressure to accentuate the polishing action. After the polishing, remove eventual residues with the microfiber cloth. For a best final brightness, use the BLACK pad. N.B.: do not add water during the use. Make sure that the pad is always clean.
The best results are obtained using a machine

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