Concentrated super degreasing detergent.
Instantly eliminates even the most stubborn dirt.
Ideal for particularly greasy or dirty surfaces.


Product Description

Greasy dirt which remains stuck to surfaces for a long period of time is extremely difficult to remove. In order to do so, it is necessary to use specific products for special cleaning jobs.
ALLCRON is a concentrated super degreasing detergent which is ideal for instantly removing even the most stubborn dirt from hard surfaces in general. Ideal for the restoration of kitchens and counter-tops covered in heavy grease.
According to the level of dirt, it can be used either undiluted or diluted in water. Used undiluted it offers excellent cleaning power on stubborn oily stains, industrial tools, parts of processing equipment, extractors, ovens and grills.
Diluted at 5%-10% it can be used for daily cleaning and for the cleansing of surfaces which are not particularly greasy or dirty.

Spray directly onto the surface to be cleaned. Leave on for a few moments, then wipe with a sponge or damp cloth. Rinse.
This product is particularly suitable for the restoration of plastic garden furniture and parasols which are exposed to atmospheric agents and smog on a daily basis. Do not leave to work for extended periods of time on aluminum and alloy surfaces.

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