Acid Foam



Contains buffered phosphoric acid and strong surfactants.
Removes organic and non-organic residue.
Eliminates the grease which covers scale.


Product Description

ACID FOAM is an acid foaming descaler for the removal of nonorganic and organic residues which are typical in the zootechnic sector. The product contains buffered phosphoric acid and strong surfactants capable of eliminating the grease which covers scale. The high foaming power of this product consents its use in the food industry on walls and vertical equipment surfaces, and allows for sufficient contact time for the disintegration of mineral and lime scale, oxides, calcium phosphate scale and organic residue in general. The use of this product is recommended before the alkaline cleaning of surfaces. It is particularly indicated for floors and walls, the exterior of equipment and machinery, tables for food processing and cold rooms.

Use with foaming equipment: Use solutions from 1 to 5% product according to the quantity and stubbornness of the scale to be removed. Distribute the product evenly over the surface to be treated and leave to work for approximately 10 minutes. Rinse thoroughly. Manual use: Prepare a 3-10% solution in a bucket. Take a brush and immerse it in the solution. Scrub the surfaces to be treated. Rinse thoroughly.
Carry out the treatment once or twice a month according to the level of scale. To use before alkaline cleaning. Respect concentrations and contact times. Do not use the product in dilutions of over 2% on aluminium and aluminium alloy surfaces, or on galvanised metals.

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