2 Lav Extra



Liquid concentrated enzymatic detergent.
Maintains the dirt emulsified to avoid sediment.
High wetting power.

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Product Description

The washing of professional linen such as the one used in restaurants and flat bedroom linen, requires a detergent that is able to efficiently treat these fabrics, guaranteeing the best cleaning result. 2 LAV EXTRA is a liquid concentrated enzymatic detergent with high wetting and emulsifying power for professional washing. To use only with automatic dosing device combined with the product 1 LAV for the washing of cotton, cotton/polyester linen and reusable technical tissues (RTT). The mix between the special formulation and surfactants makes this product, is used alone, an ideal detergent for the cleaning of delicate and wool clothes.

For washing machine combined with 1 LAV for the cleaning of cotton, cotton/polyester and reusable technical tissues (RTT) follow the dosage table below: Light dirt 2 ml/kg Medium dirt 4 ml/kg Heavy dirt 6 ml/kg
Characterized by a high percentage of surfactants. Use combined with 1 LAV product.

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