2 Lav Concentrato



Maintains emulsified the stain ensuring that it doesn’t re-deposit.
Better handling and packaging ergonomics.
High wetting power.

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Product Description

Professional laundry washing like the one used into restauration and flat bed-linen laundry needs a product able to efficaciously care of this fabric, guaranteeing the best cleaning result. 2 LAV CONCENTRATO in a concentrated liquid detergent with high wetting power and emulsifying agent for professional washing. Its enhanced formula with enzymes and surfactants removes the most difficult stains, respecting fabrics and colors. Effective also at low temperatures. To be exclusively used with automatic dosage machines, combined with 1 LAV CONCENTRATO for the washing of cotton, cotton/polyester and reusable technic fabrics (TTR). The special contained surfactants make this product, if used solo, the ideal detergent for the cleaning of delicate and wool cloth. Allegrini concentrated laundry system guarantees more warehouse room, environment care and a packaging disposing reduction.

In professional washing machine combined with 1 LAV CONCENTRATO for the cleaning of cotton, cotton/polyester, and reusable technic fabrics (TTR) dose it according to the type of stain. Low stain: 2g per each kg of dry laundry Medium stain: 4g per each kg of dry laundry Heavy stain: 6g per each kg of dry laundry.
Characterized by a high concentration of surfactants. To be used combined with the product 1 LAV CONCENTRATO.

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