2 Lav



It facilitates the removal of stains during washing.
Ideal for the removal of linen stains.
“Magic Blue” fragrance.

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Product Description

The washing of professional linen such as the one used in restaurants and flat bedroom linen, requires a detergent that is able to efficiently treat these fabrics, guaranteeing the best cleaning result. 2 LAV is a surfactant detergent that facilitates the removal of stains during the mechanical washing in professional laundries. Being a washing adjuvant, its use combined with 1 LAV alkaline product, is ideal for the removal of stains from cotton, synthetic and mixed linen in washing machines equipped with automatic dosing device. The mix between the special formulation and surfactants makes this product if used alone, an ideal detergent for the cleaning of delicate and wool clothes. Its “magic blue” fragrance releases an extraordinary sensation of cleaning

For professional washing machine combined with 1 LAV for the cleaning of cotton and synthetic or for the washing of delicate clothes, follow the dosage table below: Soft water 0-15 °F: light dirt 2/3 g/kg- heavy dirt 4/5 g/kg- soak 2/3 g/kg. Moderate water 15-25 °F: light dirt 4/5 g/kg- heavy dirt 7/8 g/kg- soak ¾ g/kg Hard water >25 °F: light dirt 6 g/kg- heavy dirt 10 g/kg- soak 4 g/kg.
In case of tenacious dirt, apply the pure product on the stain in order to increase the surfactant effect.

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