New size, maximum flexibility.

We inform you that we included in our range a New size for Five Super Sanitizzante, the 5 Kg can, in addition to the 10 Kg and 25 Kg formats.
We remind you that Five Super Sanitizzante is a detergent with hygienizing effect, based on peracetic acid and hydrogen peroxide, strongly oxidizing, not foaming and chlorine-free.
Many efficacy tests prove its virucidal, bactericidal, fungicidal, sporicidal, mycobactericidal action, confirming its excellent hygiene performances in many fields, in a particular way:
• Equipment, surfaces, and tools in the Ho.Re.Ca. and Healthcare sectors, in which it is ideal to be diluted with dilution systems like PROMAX, FM5, and FMX (at 0,6%);
• Professional laundry, for the chemical-thermal hygiene, being it highly effective on all type of microorganisms and reducing the bacterial load, even at cold;
• Hard surfaces, cip plants, equipment and isothermal cells of Food Industry, through nebulizers;
• Public transport interiors, mostly those highly full of passengers, and for all vehicles cockpits, through easy clean guns, nebulizers and/or atomizers at the concentration of 2,5%;
• Road hygiene and environment prevention (squares, parks, and beaches), through professional sprayers and dedicated vehicles. Being easily biodegradable, it is not harmful to mankind and the environment.

Being a detergent with hygienizing effect and virucidal action and, in addition, containing hydrogen peroxide, Five Super Sanitizzante is suitable for COVID-19 prevention. Thanks to its universality and use flexibility, it is an essential product for all professional sectors.
Starting from today it will be available in the 5 Kg can as well, being therefore useful for small environments.


Bactericidal activity
Virucidal activity
Fungicidal activity
Sporicidal activity
Mycobactericidal activity

• Based on peracetic acid and hydrogen peroxide.
Universale: suitable in all sectors.
• Use flexibility: available in 3 sizes (5-10-25 Kg) and irrigation methods (ready to use bottle, nebulizer, easy clean gun, etc.)